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Charles Burney – Musical journey through Italy – 1770

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Research lines:

The research lines, planned yearly by the scientific committee and by the board of directors, aim at studying music by Tuscan composers – for birth or education – and insert them in the broader context of the past connections between Tuscany and major European musical centres.

Currently the staff at Tuscan Musical Treasures is working on the following two projects:

– Music and musicians in Tuscany at the time of Pietro Leopoldo: 1767 – 1790

– Niccolò Dôthel and the Flute Repertoire in Tuscany During The Lorraines Times

– Luigi Boccherini: geography of a European musician (on the bicentenary of his death)

In the first two years of activity, researches have mainly been focused on Antonio Brunelli, figure still unknown to the wide public, composer from Tuscany who lived between the 16th and 17th century; by him AuserMusici has recorded the wonderful ‘Fioretti spirituali’.

Other topic of historical and musical research is on the genre known as ‘concerto grosso’, musical form typical of the Baroque time. Two important composers from Tuscany show particular interest towards this form: Francesco Barsanti and Francesco Geminiani, whose works had enormous success in England.

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