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Charles Burney – Musical journey through Italy – 1770

The biography:
Francesco Barsanti is one of the many extraordinary Italian instrumentalists – virtuosi and composers – who travelled through Europe all along the eighteenth century, and contributed to the definitive achievement of instrumental music – particularly the genres of sonata, concert and symphony – and to the formation of an international language. Lucca, the town where he was born in 1690, seems to have been particularly rich in these kind of musicians in the previous centuries: Gioseffo e Franceco Guami -for other musical genres- , Gio. Lorenzo Gregori -his name is related to the history of concert, though he did all his work at home-, Franceco Xaverio Geminiani -the greatest promoter of Corelli-, Filippo Manfredi -another excellent violinist that performed in France and Spain, but also in Italy and most of all in Genova: Niccolo Paganini probably performed his first concert in Lucca thanks to a pupil of him- and finally Luigi Boccherini, finishing touch of a so big tradition. Among these musicians from Lucca, Francesco Barsanti should be put in the rank of the “definitive” emigrants, as Francesco Xaverio Geminiani and Luigi Boccherini, who never came back home. We don’t know much o…

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→ Barsanti  Francesco
Boccherini  Luigi
Brunelli  Antonio
Brunetti  Giovanni Gualberto
Caccini  Francesca
Caccini  Giulio
Cambini  Giovanni Gioacchino Maria
Campion  Charles-Antoine
Cesti  Antonio
Cherubini  Luigi
Clari  Giovanni Carlo Maria
Della Ciaia  Bernardino Azzolino
Dôthel  Nicolas
Gasparini  Francesco
Geminiani  Francesco
Gherardeschi  Filippo Maria
Giuliani  Giovanni Francesco
Guami  Francesco
Guami  Gioseffo
Guglielmi  Pietro Alessandro
Lidarti  Christian Joseph
Manfredini  Francesco
Manfredini  Vincenzo
Melani  Alessandro
Nardini  Pietro
Rutini  Giovanni Marco
Veracini  Antonio
Veracini  Francesco Maria
Zipoli  Domenico
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Francesco  Barsanti

(Lucca  1690 – London  1770)

→ Catalogue

Item’s number 37
Facsimile Editions
TMT Editions
  Vocal music:
Cantate e serenate 
Oh giorno oh infausto giorno [cantata per S e bc], MS, sa. 
Un sospiro ah chi si muore, [cantata per S e bc], MS 
Chi mai vi fè sì belle [cantata per S e bc], MS 
Oh quante volte [cantata per S e bc] 
E qual legge m’imponi [cantata per S e bc], MS 
Arie e duetti 
A collection of old Scots tunes, with the bass for vcl. Or harpsicord, [S e bc], Edimburgo, 1742 
Altre composizioni sacre 
6 antifone a 5 voci op. 5, Welker, Londra, c.a. 1750
De profundis [a 5 V] MS, sa, sl 
Lauda Jerusalem [salmo a 5 V] MS, sa, sl 
Happy is the man that findeth wisdom [canone a 4 voci], MS 
Ne reminiscaris [antifona a 5 V] MS, sa, sl 
Chi mai vi fè sì belle [madrigale a 4 V], MS 
  Instrumental music:
10 Concerti Grossi op.3, Edimburgo, 1742 


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