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Charles Burney – Musical journey through Italy – 1770

The biography:
Born in Lucca in 1542, Gioseffo Guami studied in Venice with Adriano Willaert, Annibale Padovano and other teachers of St. Mark’s chapel. Here he became singer of the cappella grande and probably deputy organist. He composed and published in Venice his first book of madrigals (1565), dedicated to Gioseffo Bonvisi and Ludovico Penitesi, two patrons from Lucca who had financed Guami’s education. Highly esteemed in Venice – Zarlino defined him an «eccellente compositore e sonator d’organo soavissimo» – Guami frequently appeared in Venetian vocal anthologies. From 1568 to 1570, Guami was in Munich serving as organist Duke Albert V of Bavaria; after a few years stay in Italy (1574-79), he returned there as capo delli concerti. Because of his duties as teacher, musician and organizer of the court’s musical life, he did not composed much, except for his second book of madrigals today no longer extant. With Albert V’s death in 1579, Guami returned to Lucca as organist at S. Michele for a few years: he had been appointed to this post since 1574, but had never took it up. He married Ortensia Bedini and had three children, all of them musicians. By 1595 he was maestro di cappella in Genoa,…

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Gioseffo  Guami

(Lucca  1542 – Lucca  1611)

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  Vocal music:
In me transierunt, Missa ad imitationem cantiones Orlandicae 
Mottetti in varie raccolte 
Altre composizioni sacre 
Sacrae cantiones liber primus, 5-10 voci, Venezia 1585
Lamentationes Hieremiae prophetae, Venezia 1588
Sacrarum cantionum variis, et choris, et instrumentorum generibus concinendarum, Milano 1608
Composizioni vocali sacre in varie raccolte 
Il primo libro de madrigali, 5 voci, Venezia 1565
Il terzo libro de madrigali, 5-6 voci, Venezia 1584
Il quarto libro de madrigali, 5-10 voci, Venezia 1591
madrigale, Ms 
Composizioni vocali profane in varie raccolte 
  Instrumental music:
Musica solista 
Toccata per organo 
Canzonette francese a 4,5,8, Venezia 1601
Partitura per sonare delle canzonette alla francese, Venezia 1601
Canzoni in varie raccolte 
Canzoni, Ms 

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