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Charles Burney – Musical journey through Italy – 1770

The biography:
Francesco Maria Veracini was born in Florence in 1690 from Maria Elisabetta and Agostino, who was one of the few men of the family who did not undertook the career of composer and violinist. The events of his troubled life with the many journeys through Europe show us an interesting and original personality – a restless and unsatisfied man -, who may even have been touched by the symptoms of madness. It is almost certain that he studied first with his uncle Antonio, who was a violinist and a fine composer, and often performed with him. Then he specialized with Giovanni Maria Casini, the organist of the church of S. Maria del Fiore – who was endowed with a personal style based on Palestrina – who certainly influenced the works of his young student. Then Veracini studied with Francesco Feroci, one of Casini’s assistant, and finally with Giuseppe Antonio Bernabei, who may have met during a journey in the south of Germany. Between 1711 and 1714 he moved to Venice because of the difficulties he found in the search for a good job in his native city. In Venice he worked as solo during the Christmas Requiem in San Marco, and played in other special services, but never obtained a regular jo…

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Barsanti  Francesco
Boccherini  Luigi
Brunelli  Antonio
Brunetti  Giovanni Gualberto
Caccini  Francesca
Caccini  Giulio
Cambini  Giovanni Gioacchino Maria
Campion  Charles-Antoine
Cesti  Antonio
Cherubini  Luigi
Clari  Giovanni Carlo Maria
Della Ciaia  Bernardino Azzolino
Dôthel  Nicolas
Gasparini  Francesco
Geminiani  Francesco
Gherardeschi  Filippo Maria
Giuliani  Giovanni Francesco
Guami  Francesco
Guami  Gioseffo
Guglielmi  Pietro Alessandro
Lidarti  Christian Joseph
Manfredini  Francesco
Manfredini  Vincenzo
Melani  Alessandro
Nardini  Pietro
Rutini  Giovanni Marco
Veracini  Antonio
→ Veracini  Francesco Maria
Zipoli  Domenico
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Francesco Maria  Veracini

(Firenze  1690 – Firenze  1768)

→ Catalogue

The dates of the works correspond to the first performance in the Haymarket Theatre. The text only is what reamains of the oratory and the sacred compositions.
Item’s number 38
Facsimile Editions
TMT Editions
  Vocal music:
Adriano in Siria (Corri da Metastasio), 1735
La clemenza di Tito (Corri da Metastasio), 1737
Partenio (P. Rolli), 1738
Rosalinda (Rolli), 1744
Sara in Egitto, 1708 [contiene alcune arie di Veracini]
Il trionfo dell’innocenza patrocinata da S. Niccolò (Berzini), Firenze, ?1712
L’empietà distrutta nella caduta di Gerico (Berzini), ?1715
Mosè al mar rosso ovvero Il naufragio di Faraone, Düsseldorf, ?1715
L’incoronazione di Davidde (Berzini), Firenze, 1717
La caduta del savio nell’idolatria di Salomone (Berzini), Firenze, 1720
La liberazione del popolo ebreo nel naufragio di Faraone (Berzini), Firenze, ?1723 [revisione di Mosè al mar rosso]
L’errore di Salomone, Londra, 1744 [perduto]
L’Assalone ovvero L’infedeltà punita (F.M. Veracini) [perduto]
Cantate e serenate 
Piangete al pianto mio, cantata, dopo il 1745
Non per anni, cantata, dopo il 1745
Arie e duetti 
Cantano gl’augelletti, prima del 1717
Mira Clori gentil, prima del 1717
i>Va, tu sei ben felice, prima del 1717
Prendi amor, prima del 1745
Qui giurommi un, citato nel catalogo Breitkopf del 1765

The list follows the catalogue of compositions by Francesco Veracini in Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart, vol. XIII, Kassel, 1969, coll. 1415-19, and in The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, vol. XIX, London, 1980, pp. 626-29


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