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Charles Burney – Musical journey through Italy – 1770

The biography:
He was born in Pistoia in 1737 and studied first with his father Francesco, who was Chapel Master in the Cathedral of San Filippo, and then with Giacomo Antonio Preti in Bologna and with Gian Andrea Fioroni in Milan. In 1758 he went to Russia, following his elder brother Giuseppe, who was a member of the troupe guided by Antonio Locatelli. In Saint Petersburg he worked as Chapel Master of the Italian Opera Company, for the Tsar Pietro first and then for Caterina II. But finally Caterina preferred Baldassarre Galuppi – who arrived at the Court in 1765 – and Manfredini was relegated to compose the dances which were represented in the operas of his rival, and to teach music to the heir to the throne. So in 1769 he went back to Bologna, because he had received an invitation from a young student that he had taught almost thirty years before. In September 1798 he went to Russia again but he had not fortune, and he died the next year in Saint Petersburg without being appointed to any public office. After some attempts of operas, Vincenzo Manfredini dedicated himself mainly to the teaching and to the writing of didactic pamphlets, as the Regole armoniche, o sieno Precetti ragionati [Harmon…

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Barsanti  Francesco
Boccherini  Luigi
Brunelli  Antonio
Brunetti  Giovanni Gualberto
Caccini  Francesca
Caccini  Giulio
Cambini  Giovanni Gioacchino Maria
Campion  Charles-Antoine
Cesti  Antonio
Cherubini  Luigi
Clari  Giovanni Carlo Maria
Della Ciaia  Bernardino Azzolino
Dôthel  Nicolas
Gasparini  Francesco
Geminiani  Francesco
Gherardeschi  Filippo Maria
Giuliani  Giovanni Francesco
Guami  Francesco
Guami  Gioseffo
Guglielmi  Pietro Alessandro
Lidarti  Christian Joseph
Manfredini  Francesco
→ Manfredini  Vincenzo
Melani  Alessandro
Nardini  Pietro
Rutini  Giovanni Marco
Veracini  Antonio
Veracini  Francesco Maria
Zipoli  Domenico
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Vincenzo  Manfredini

(Pistoia  1737 – Sankt Peterburg  1799)

→ Catalogue

If not differently mentioned, the dates of the theatrical compositions correspond to the first performance.
Item’s number 42
Facsimile Editions
TMT Editions
  Vocal music:
Semiramide (Metastasio), S. Pietroburgo, 1776
Olimpiade (Metastasio), Mosca, 1762 
Carlo Magno (L. Lazzaroni), S. Pietroburgo, 1763, rev. 1764
La pupilla (dramma giocoso, Goldoni), S. Pietroburgo, 1763
La finta ammalata, S. Pietroburgo, 1763
Armida (G. Duranti), Bologna, 1770
Artaserse (Metastasio), Venezia, 1772
Les amants réchappés du naufrage, Le sculpteur de Carthage, ballo, S. Pietroburgo, 1766
La constance récompensée, Mosca, 1767
Cantate e serenate 
La pace degli eroi (cantata, Lazzaroni), S. Pietroburgo, 1762
Le rivali (cantata, Lazzaroni), 1765
Cantata per l’inaugurazione della sede dell’Accademia delle Scienze, S. Pietroburgo, 1765
Arie e duetti 
So che fido a me tu sei, aria [S, orch], Ms., ca. 1770
Conservati fedele, aria, 1772-1785
Fra cento affanni e cento, aria [S, orch], 1772-1785
Frena le belle lagrime, aria [S, orch], s.d.
Sarebbe mai quello che mi trattiene, duetto [2 S, orch], s.d.
Requiem per l’imperatrice Elisabetta, 1762
Messa funebre [coro a 4 vv., orch], Ms.
Altre composizioni sacre 
Laudate Dominum [S., coro, orch], Ms.

The list follows the catalogue of compositions by Vincenzo Manfredini in The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, vol. XI, London, 1980, p. 615


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