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Charles Burney – Musical journey through Italy – 1770

The biography:
François-Joseph Fétis in his Biographie Universelle des Musiciens (Paris, 1873, pp. 162-64), although the absence of documented evidence, says that Giuseppe Gioacchino Maria, who was born in Livorno on February 13th 1746. We have only little information about his youth and his musical studies, that he may have begun in Livorno itself under the guide of a certain Maestro Polli, and then perhaps improved with Padre Martini in Bologna and with Franz Joseph Haydn. There is an autobiographic story – which seems reliable – where Cambini asserts he performed as violinist in a bow quartet which was composed by Luigi Boccherini (violoncello) , Filippo Manfredi and Pietro Nardini (violins). In the same biography by Fétis we can find the information of a journey to Napoli (around 1767), where Cambini may have made his debut with a work that was ignored by the contemporary local news. Another chronicle – very romantic indeed – says that when he came back from Napoli he was captured by the pirates, then sold as a slave, and finally redeemed by a rich Venetian merchant in Spain. The first information that is certainly true is the move of Cambini to Paris, where he played at the Concert spiritu…

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Barsanti  Francesco
Boccherini  Luigi
Brunelli  Antonio
Brunetti  Giovanni Gualberto
Caccini  Francesca
Caccini  Giulio
→ Cambini  Giovanni Gioacchino Maria
Campion  Charles-Antoine
Cesti  Antonio
Cherubini  Luigi
Clari  Giovanni Carlo Maria
Della Ciaia  Bernardino Azzolino
Dôthel  Nicolas
Gasparini  Francesco
Geminiani  Francesco
Gherardeschi  Filippo Maria
Giuliani  Giovanni Francesco
Guami  Francesco
Guami  Gioseffo
Guglielmi  Pietro Alessandro
Lidarti  Christian Joseph
Manfredini  Francesco
Manfredini  Vincenzo
Melani  Alessandro
Nardini  Pietro
Rutini  Giovanni Marco
Veracini  Antonio
Veracini  Francesco Maria
Zipoli  Domenico
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Giovanni Gioacchino Maria  Cambini

(Livorno  1745 – Paris?  1825?)

→ Catalogue

Item’s number 131
Facsimile Editions
TMT Editions
  Vocal music:
Les romans (ballet héroïque, 3 entrées, L.C.M. de Bonneval), 1776
Rose et Carloman (comédie héroïque, A. Dubreuil), 1779, anche conosciuta come Rose d’amour
Alcide (opéra, Dubreuil), 1782
Alcméon (tragédie-lyrique, Dubreuil), 1782
La statue (comédie in 2 atti, M.R.de Montalembert), 1784
?Les fourberies de Mathurin (opéra-comique in 1 atto, B. Davesne), 1786 [probabilmente è da attribuire a F (?J.B) Bambini]
Le tuteur avare (opéra bouffon, J.L. Gabiot de Salins), 1787 [i nn. 12-17 e parte del n. 11 di Cambini; il resto di P. Anfossi]
La croisée (comèdie in 2 atti), 1788 
Le bon père (opéra bouffon in 1 atto, J.F. Le Pitre), 1788 
Colas et Colette (opéra bouffon in 1 atto), 1788 
Cora, ou La prêtresse du soleil (drame lyrique, Gabiot de Saiuns), 1789
Adéle et Edwin (opéra comique in 2 atti), 1791
Nantilde et Dagobert (opéra, A. de Piis), 1791, in collaborazione con P.D. Deshayes
Les deux frères, ou La revanche (comédie, P.U. Dubuisson), 1792
?Les trois Gascons (opéra in 1 atto, Cambini), 1793
Azioni e feste teatrali 
Nouvelle musique per Armide di Ph. Quinault
Entrées de danse per Les fêtes vénitiennes di A. Campra, 1789
Musica per 4 pantomime
Le sacrifice d’Isaac, oratorio, Concert Spirituel, 1774
Joad, oratorio, Concert Spirituel, 1775

The list follows the catalogue of compositions in Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart, vol. XV and in The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, vol. III.


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