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Charles Burney – Musical journey through Italy – 1770

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Christian Joseph  Lidarti
(Wien  1730 – Pisa  1795)

Notturno in Sol Magg n. 2 per due flauti, due corni e un fagotto

In the Fondo musicale “Venturi” of the Biblioteca Comunale di Montecatini Terme you can find the A 82: LIDARTI Christian Joseph coll. A 82 (n. 185) [6 Notturni, DO, SOL, MI bem., DO, SOL, RE, 2 fl., 2 co., fg.] Sei Notturni / a due Flauti, due Corni, e / Fagotto / Del Sig.re Cristiano Lidarti 5 fascicoli obl. delle parti, manoscritti 22,5 x 30 cm. On each paper: Ad Uso di Vincenzo Sermolli. The manuscript is in a very good condition, without partcicular signs, and with very few mistakes (that have been adjusted by the copyst with scrapings or erasures). It is elegant and very clear. It presents the traditional numbering of beats that was used by the copyst to control the manuscript itself.

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