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Charles Burney – Musical journey through Italy – 1770

The biography:
French flautist and composer. He came in Florence with his father Nicolas who was first oboist with the grand duke’s guard from 1739. The younger Nicolas also joined the bande in 1736 before being promoted to flautist in the grand duke’s (Ferdinando III) chapel and chamber music. From 1739 he also worked in Lucca playing during the Santa Croce’s festivity and the opera season.. He played in the Teatro della Pergola’s orchestra (Florence) taking part in over 50 operas between 1765 and 1798. Dôthel had a very good relationship with Charles Antoine Campion who was Maestro of grand duke’s Chap…

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Barsanti  Francesco
Brunelli  Antonio
Caccini  Francesca
Cambini  Giovanni Gioacchino Maria
Campion  Charles-Antoine
Cesti  Antonio
Della Ciaia  Bernardino Azzolino
→ Dôthel  Nicolas
Gasparini  Francesco
Geminiani  Francesco
Gherardeschi  Filippo Maria
Giuliani  Giovanni Francesco
Lidarti  Christian Joseph
Manfredini  Francesco
Manfredini  Vincenzo
Melani  Alessandro
Nardini  Pietro
Rutini  Giovanni Marco
Veracini  Antonio
Veracini  Francesco Maria
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Nicolas  Dôthel

(Luneville  1721 – Firenze  1810)

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